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Re: DW quotes

On Fri, Jun 17, 2005 at 04:50:37PM +0200, Herman Robak wrote:
> >That's precisely the problem with the whole concept: it
> >leads to a scenario where you can't file bugs. Debian is not
> >a social club, we're trying to create software. Accuracy isthe absolute  
> >priority in a technical forum.
>  To the point where one would never rephrase an accurate
> statement to make it more polite?  I am afraid we are not
> quite rational and professional enough to suppress every
> emotional reaction that rudeness (real or perceived) would
> evoke.

No, that's overstated. To the point where you can never attempt to
enforce, by technical or social means, that things must meet your
definition of 'polite', and that it will never happen that everything
you encounter does meet it. So you just have to learn how to deal with

And realistically, that's where Debian is already.

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