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Re: DW quotes

On Fri, Jun 17, 2005 at 01:43:59PM +0200, Herman Robak wrote:
> >That's one of the main entry barriers I see for women. We're always  
> >required
> >to be more mature, more grownups, to be able to ignore everything, to  
> >keep
> >calm, not to reply. That's something usually boys do not need to have  
> >when
> >approaching free software world.
>  This is mostly about perception.  The guys need to have these
> traits, too.  They are just less likely to be told so.  Why?

Even that's not true. They're just less likely to pay any attention
when told so.

> Because the typical situation for being told so is when you
> complain about something.  With Free Software, the answer to
> a complaint will often be "that's not my itch, scratch it
> yourself". (translation: Fix it yourself, or fix your attitude)
>  If your complaint was legitimate, the "it's your problem,
> not ours" answer is rather offensive.  It is honest and
> accurate, but not particulary diplomatic.

If 'diplomatic' here means 'dishonest' or 'inaccurate', then I say
shove it. That's precisely the problem with the whole concept: it
leads to a scenario where you can't file bugs. Debian is not a social
club, we're trying to create software. Accuracy is the absolute
priority in a technical forum.

>  Debian Women is a partial fix, or rather a workaround,
> to the problem.  If Debian Women can act as a back door,
> leading more women into other Debian fora, there is hope.
> Sheer numbers will help, by making the "omg! a grrrl!!!111"
> responses rarer.

They're virtually nonexistant already. I see vastly more people
*complaining* about it than there have ever been *doing* it. I doubt
people who would act like that are likely to be dissuaded by numbers,
and I doubt that they constitute a statistically significant number
anyway, so 'rarer' doesn't really apply.

My bet is that if people didn't complain about it all the time, nobody
would remember that it even happens.

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