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Re: D-W wiki and i18n

* Clytie Siddall wrote:
> Hi everyone :)

Hello Clytie,

> I've been trying things out at the pmwiki pmwiki, if that makes  
> sense, and whatever version they are running there displays  
> Vietnamese UTF-8 text _perfectly_. No black triangles.
> <does virtual Unicode-happy-dances all around the room
> The admin had to enable it in the pages, in some specific way, since  
> the default is still iso-8859-1 (Latin-1), but once that is done,  
> it's correct.
> Even more exciting was the discovery that UTF-8 linknames work!
> I don't want to dump a whole lot of extra work on the D-W wiki admin,  
> but could we update to this Unicode-friendly version?
> I found a bug listing the display problem with individual UTF-8  
> characters: evidently they've fixed it. I'm impressed.
> I'd really like to see my Vietnamese text (and all other languages!)  
> displayed correctly in the D-W wiki. Is this update doable? Can I help?
> The people on the pmwiki list are very helpful, although it seems to  
> be fairly high-traffic. It would be a good place to ask questions if  
> necessary. They've responded very quickly and helpfully to my  
> localization questions.

This is certainly something we should do at some point. I was planning on
integrating the PmWiki PHP stuff with the rest of the website at some point,
but this is nothing I have time for right now. I'll add that to my todo list
though, and I should have some more time to work on this in about two weeks
from now. Maybe I'll even find some time before that, but I can't promise.


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