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Re: DW wiki encoding and other problems (help please)

On 14/06/2005, at 4:56 PM, cafeine wrote:

I just gave a look at the pmWiki documentation, all "application"
buttons can be translated (and they already are out of the box for some languages). It seems it needs to be solved at the pmWiki level. There's
more info on this page:

My 2 cents (hope they help)

I am awarding you at least three more cents (we don't have 2c coins any more in Australia), because that's a terrific idea! Thankyou very much: I've grabbed the template and will start working on it. I really appreciate the pointer, because I do have difficulty seeing around a problem now [1], and can get stuck at one level. Thankyou!

from Clytie (vi-VN, Vietnamese free-software translation team / nhóm Việt hóa phần mềm tự do)

Clytie Siddall--Renmark, in the Riverland of South Australia

Ở thành phố Renmark, tại miền sông của Nam Úc

[1] illness

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