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RE: DW-Map

Hi Again,

I've added some more girls to the map: Hajni, Sonia, Vale and Mirjam

I'm really glad you've decided to join us in the map :)

Vale, see you in Helsinki :)

Mirjam, yours is a relly nice name too :)))

Mirjam, I'm a bit confused by the numbers in your coordinates:
N 55 42 074
E 13 12 121

I supposed it's degrees minutes seconds, but there's a 121 and 74 which are
higher than 60, so I'm a bit confused about it. According to your email
address you might be from Sweden, but according to the graphical position that
the map shows with the decimal degrees I've extracted from them ( ), it seems more like southern
Finland. Is that right?

I've used the following numbers:
 55 + 42/60 + 74/3600 = 55.721
 13 + 12/60 + 121/3600 = 13.234

Is it OK, is it your mistake or is it mine?

You can try to find your coordinates at:

Greetings :)

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