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question about communicating with the list

Hi everyone,

I have been lurking for a couple of months now to see if this is an 
appropriate place to post a message related to a study I am working on. To be 
honest I stumbled across the list serv somewhat by accident while looking for 
information on open source.

I am an MA student in communications and technology at the University of 
Alberta and am working on web-based resource network for women in science, 
engineering and technology, with a focus on career development. I have 
designed the network and am looking for feedback. I am asking people who are 
interested to surf the network and complete a short survey.

Before posting the link and invitation, I thought I would check and see if 
people on the list would be okay with me doing so, since it is not directly 
related to debian.

Would anyone have an issue with this?


Penny Cholmondeley

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