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Re: DW-Map

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
I've added burbuja, Penny and Avery to the map, I'll wait some more days to
see if somebody else wants to be added, just in case.

Ok, it's time for me to come out!
I'm Valentina, from Italy... I've been lurking for a long time!
I've never considered myself a DW just because I use Debian as a simple
user: I've known girls like Amaya and Erinn who are everything but
simple users! I study dietetics at the Bologna's University and in my
spare time sometimes I translate po files... well that's all! I'd like
to create a software for dieticians like me but I'll have to study a lot :-)

Now, if you think that I can be a DW, these are my coordinates:
Latitude: 44°24'17" - 44°27'45"N
Longitude: 11°21'08" - 11°29'46"E

See (some of) you in Helsinki!


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