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Re: An introduction

Helen Faulkner said:
> Hi Bec, hi all,
> Rebecca Dridan wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> After lurking for quite some time, I thought I should introduce myself.
> Welcome!  I'm so pleased that you introduced yourself, because I'm in
> too and I didn't realise there were any other DW women around here.  Maybe we
> can meet over coffee sometime...

I'm just piping up to say that I have been lurking on this list to get a
feel for the D-W project, but I haven't felt able to contribute. I didn't
realise there were other people from Melbourne here. May I put in a
shameless plug for the Melbourne Linuxchix chapter
<http://melbourne.linuxchix.org/>? The chapter is sort of dormant but we do
occasionally get together for coffee or picnics.

I feel that I can only contribute to free software by promoting it or
writing about or documenting software; but all this has taken a back seat
while I try to complete a master's degree (not in a geek field) whil also
working (in statistical data management, only tangentially a geek field).


Claudine Chionh <claudine@chionh.org>
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
phone: +61 418 592 269

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