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An introduction

Hi all,

After lurking for quite some time, I thought I should introduce myself.

My name is Bec, I'm doing a research Masters at the University of
Melbourne in Australia, and I've been a Debian user for over 5 years
(Debian only for about 3).

With 2 part time jobs and study, I don't have the time to contribute
much to the Debian project, as much as I'd like to. At present I'm just
an advanced user, though I have previously been an system administrator
on Debian systems, and still run my own mail/web server. Oh, and one of
the local Debian advocates, doing my best to spread the word :)

I like the map idea, here are my co-ordinates:

144.95061 S, -37.79144

144º 57'3" S,  -37º 47' 30"

I've liked hearing what people are doing to encourage female
participation in Debian, and FOSS in general. Although after an
engineering and computer science degree, I'm fairly accustomed to being
one of few females in a group. Hopefully I can find a way to help the
project that I can commit to with my limited time.


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