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Re: An introduction

Hi Bec, hi all,

Rebecca Dridan wrote:
> Hi all,
> After lurking for quite some time, I thought I should introduce myself.

Welcome!  I'm so pleased that you introduced yourself, because I'm in Melbourne
too and I didn't realise there were any other DW women around here.  Maybe we
can meet over coffee sometime...

> My name is Bec, I'm doing a research Masters at the University of
> Melbourne in Australia, and I've been a Debian user for over 5 years
> (Debian only for about 3).

Excellent! :)  (I finished my PhD in physics at UniMelb 3 years ago, using Debian)

> I've liked hearing what people are doing to encourage female
> participation in Debian, and FOSS in general. Although after an
> engineering and computer science degree, I'm fairly accustomed to being
> one of few females in a group. Hopefully I can find a way to help the
> project that I can commit to with my limited time.

There is no need to commit a great deal of time to the Debian Women project,
though of course some people have done so.  But it's great just to see new
people unlurk and show up on the mailing list or on IRC.  The small amount of
time you've put into writing to the list is a significant contribution already
because now we know that you are there :)

Something that you and others may be interested in is the wlca mailing list [1],
which is a focus for discussion about how to organise and run a linux event
aimed at women in Australia.  The current idea seems to be to run something in
conjunction with LCA, but planning is in its infancy - really we are just
brainstorming at present.  Anyway, people may be interested in joining the list
or checking the archives.


1. http://lists.linux.org.au/listinfo/wlca

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