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Re: Software quality and documentation, was: Core KDE member about HIG^W female contributors

> brilliant coders. At present, Open Source projects usually use the  
> qualification of those brilliant coders but _not_ the qualification of  
> those people. Instead they scare them away simply because of this  
> subordination thingie.

I wonder if I'm involved with any such projects.

> But: $documentation_person needs to beg, and beg, and beg $coder to fix  
> this problem. Often $coder won't see the problem (remember: for him it's  
> not a problem since he wrote the code) and not fix it. Or because this is  
> "only" a ui-problem it gets a low priority on the todo list (this other  
> coool feature always has priority).

Many users of software feel entitled to fixes whether they contribute or
not.  The fact that « I want my $0 refunded so I can go get a different
program » is not a credible threat is an example of the beauty of free
software.  Not all contributors to a software project, whether coders,
documenters, testers, or dictators, feel strong obligation to the users
of the software, the other contributors, or the project itself.

> It's definitely not fullfilling to ask for an CVS account and not get it  
> because "you're not a coder". It's definitely not fun to come up with good  

I have never seen this happen, whereas I have seen counterexamples.

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