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Re: Software quality and documetation, was: Core KDE member about HIG^W female contributors

[Patricia Jung]
> The people who write the best code I know write documentation
> alongside or even before coding: The code has to follow
> documentation, otherwise it's a bug :)

So, back in context of the current discussion ... we're not talking
about coders who write documentation, we're talking about documenters
and coders being different people.  Thus you're really talking about
shifting the design of the program from the coders to the documenters.
I guess the documenters write up how the program will behave, what it
will look like, then the coders make it happen.  In the commercial
world those documenters are called Marketing and the coders hate it
when Marketing meddles with the requirements.  (:

Do documenters, in general, have a good sense of what is practical to
design and what is not, and what makes a good UI - all before any code
appears?  Occasionally I interact with someone who can't code, but who
can describe a neat idea for a program in enough detail, and with
enough insight into good UI design, that I can actually realise it the
way they envisioned and not need to improve the design along the way.
This is a joy when it happens, but it's pretty rare.  Usually, the
design falls to me, either because the design I was given is not
practical or optimal, or because I wasn't given any UI specifics at

So, pardon my skepticism - maybe people who are good at designing
programs from scratch (and describing the design clearly enough to
afford implementation) but can't write them are common.  I just haven't
run into a lot of them.

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