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Re: errors building a .deb

Sonia Hamilton wrote:

Hi Sonia [again ;-)]

* On Sat, Apr 30, 2005 at 12:35:43AM +1000, Sonia Hamilton wrote:

I'm building (my first) .deb file from source (Closes: #304450), and

I'm running lintian on my .deb as per [1]. I've cleaned up all the
problems except these two:

W: grabc: menu-command-not-in-package /usr/lib/menu/grabc:2 /usr/bin/grabc
N:   The menu item specifies a command which is not available in the
N:   package. In most cases this is a typo or after you moved a binary
N:   around, but forgot to update the menu file.

Does this mean I need to add the package providing /usr/bin/update-menus
as a depends to control?

No, this means that /usr/bin/grabc isn't shipped by the package. But it is mentioned in the shipped /usr/lib/menu/grabc.

W: grabc: file-in-unusual-dir grabc
N:   This file or symbolic link is in a directory where files are not
N:   normally installed by Debian packages. If this is deliberate, please
N:   contact lintian-maint@debian.org to make Lintian accept this as a
N:   usual directory.

Not sure what to do here...

I think this tells you that you ship a file in the directory /grabc. So something is wrong ...

Interestingly, linda doesn't give any errors.

Well, linda and lintian don't have the same tests as some are easier to implement in Python, others are easier to implement in Perl and there is maybe still too little coordination on what tests to implement in what tool. So you're best to run them both over your package and to see all comments as bugs (there might be bugs you don't want to fix, though).

You might consider telling us where we can find the sourcepackage (*.orig.tar.gz, *.diff.gz, *.dsc) to make things easier. Although, you'll probably learn more on the long run by searching the solutions yourself :-)



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