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Re: Cycle has entered sid

Am 2005-04-16 16:26:33, schrieb Miriam Ruiz:

> Hi again :)
> Keep in mind that the program is multiplatform and it
> is also developed for windows and other OSes. Also,
> data for more than one user can be stored.

Sorry Miriam, 

But under Windows each $USER has a home directory which can have
access permissions and it works under Win(2000,XP,2003).

I have a testmachine running Windows from WfW 3.11 up to 2003 and
it works since 2000. for Win9(5,8) you need an add-on program.

Since I have curenly no working Macintosh (IIvx + iMac premiere
generation) running, I do not know with it, but MacOS X on eMac
has protected $USER directories too.

> I think that maybe you're asking for a full redesign
> of the program, but that's something i cannot do on my
> own, that's upstream's task. Anyway if you have better
> design ideas and you want me to send them so upstream,
> I'd be glad to do it.
> Greetings,
> Miry


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