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Re: Cycle has entered sid

--- martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> wrote:
> Can it call hooks? As a service to 4 of my female
> friends, I am
> currently using remind and a 3 Kb config file (!) to
> have a daily
> SMS sent to them as a reminder. I'd love to get rid
> of all the
> remind voodoo syntax and just call 'cycle --hookdir
> ~/.etc/cycle/jane' from cron, which then calls the
> appropriate of
> the following set of scripts:
>   on-pill.sh
>   off-pill.sh
>   restart-pill-2days.sh
>   restart-pill-tomorrow.sh
> Could this be integrated? If the functionality does
> not yet exist,
> please consider this a wishlist bug which I will
> gladly file.

Hi :)

No, that feature is not present. I'm not really sure
if it could be implemented inside cycle (which is
quite a gui-oriented program), but maybe another tiny
python script (without wx) could be added to handle

I have some concerns about the fact that, as user data
is protected by password, to add it to cron you might
need to add some switch with the password in it, which
I don't really like.

I can forward your idea upstream, or think more deeply
about it, but I cannot find an elegant solution right
now. Any ideas?

Greetings and thanks,

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