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Re: Debian-Women webpage possibly filtered by Telefonica

--- Javier Candeira <javier@candeira.com> wrote:
> I have been reading about Canguro.net, the
> Telefonica filter. It is a 
> "client-server" thing (their description, not mine),
> i.e. the filter does 
> not run on our computers, but on their proxies.
> That means, among other thing, the list filtered
> sites can't be 
> reverse-engineered or decrypted, as US
> hacker-activists have done with 
> netnanny and other products.
> It also means the technology to filter web content
> is already in place, at 
> least in Spain. Doubly so as Telefonica, as the
> incumbent monopolist of 
> yore, is the wholesale provider of DSL connections
> for other DSL vendors, 
> thus having 99% of Spain's DSL lines.
> Nice, eh?
> Before I call the Telefonica press people with my
> questions, will someone 
> please post a screenshot of what you see when trying
> to access the 
> debian-women website?
> -- javier

I'll try to get you an screenshot or something as soon
as I can. I couldn't see my friend yesterday


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