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Re: Debian-Women webpage possibly filtered by Telefonica

Am 2005-04-12 18:29:50, schrieb Javier Candeira:
> Well, not that I approve of family-filter snake-oil, but to be fair
> this is 
> a service provided to families so they can, voluntarily, censor their
> kids' 
> web access. So this is an optional nanny service, not censorship.

Ah OK, if it is only on $USER request...

> Now, I agree that blocking Debian Women is wrong, but consider that it
> took 

They are filtering the DNS => "women"

> me only 1 minute (and direct linking from wikipedia) to show my friend how 
> her twins could access goatse mirrrors despite the nanny software.


> I am reading on how to report false positives to the system, and will write 
> here when I get some reply.
> On the topic of Michelle's message, I think the only thing Spain filters 
> actively are ETA-related pages, please correct me if I am wrong.

No need to correct you, because you are right.
Each country has stuff to filter...

And now, where SPAM is twice the regular E-Mails...
Do not ask me, what computers, filters and sniffers are installed
to get the right messages without bothering innocents.

> -- javier


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