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Debian-Women webpage possibly filtered by Telefonica


A friend of mine has just told me that Telefonica[0]
is probably filtering Debian-Women's webpage[1]
through its servide Canguronet[2].

Telefonica is the main ISP provider in Spain, and
Canguronet is a service they offer to filter
only-adults web pages as well as advertisements.

Canguronet is set by default in many homes (my friend
has it against his will, and is reclaiming to
Telefonica to remove it from his connection), as well
as schools and libraries.

I've asked my friend to make sure about it. He told me
he will give me a confirmation about it this
afternoon. As I don't have connection through
Telefonica myself I cannot check it first-hand.


[0] http://www.telefonica.es/
[1] http://women.alioth.debian.org
[2] http://www.telefonica.es/tol/canguronet.html

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