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Re: Revamping the profiles page?

On 2005-03-22 14:46:37 -0500, Erinn Clark said:
> Something we didn't anticipate when beginning this project was that there
> would be a lot of great men making great contributions. Likewise, we were
> focused on getting women involved in Debian itself without much idea of
> how that would map to DW tasks (website upkeep, mentoring, keeping track of
> stuff in general, writing documents, etc). 
> The original reason for the Profiles page was for visibility reasons; I
> think visibility is still important, but maybe in a different way. It could
> be reworked to be more inclusive of people actually contributing to DW
> (male and female), it could stay in its current form and we can have a
> separate contributors page, or something like that (though there would be
> overlap, so that probably doesn't scale well). I'm not really sure what
> should be done, if anything. Does anyone have any thoughts?

I think there should be two sections: one for contributors to the
project, and one for women who are DDs or in the NM process. The first
will then serve to show who those DW people are and what they do for the
project, while the other will be kind of more independent of the
project, but will serve for visibility of women in Debian. There will be
overlap, but not all contributors are women and not all women in the
Debian project are or want to be contributors to DW.

Contributors of all genders are important to the DW project, but I also
think it's very important to show who the females involved more
"formally" in the Debian project are. The men (at least some of them!)
are very easy to spot on mailing lists etc, but not all women in the
project are active there - and certainly none are at the same activity
level as certain men (not that that should be a goal...). And a female
name or two don't stand out very much in a long list of authors in
mailing lists, so it's good to have a place to find the women, too.

Magni :)
sash is very good for you.

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