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Re: Revamping the profiles page?

* Helen Faulkner wrote:
> Erinn Clark wrote:
> >Hello lovely people,
> >
> I think that we could change the profiles page in a way that would serve 
> the original purpose and also give people a better idea of the people 
> who are working within the Debian Women project.
> What if we retitled that page "Profiles of Debian Women people" or 
> similar, and put up profiles of more people who are actively involved in 
> Debian Women, and also listed what areas they are involved in within the 
> project?

I like that idea. Though I would personally go for something more along the
lines of "The People Involved" or similar. In my opinion, the layout is
currently not optimal, since it contains a lot of info on one page.

I would therefore suggest to get some kind of subdivision into that, maybe
by area of activity, if that is possible. If not, there is always the
possibility to have a list of names (with maybe a very short enumeration of
things that person is involved with) which link to the complete profile.
That would most likely scale better in case more people get listed on that

> That way, when someone becomes involved in the project in some way - by 
> joining the IRC channel or speaking up on the mailing list or 
> contributing to the website or whatever, they might know something more 
> about the people they are meeting.  I think that might make newcomers 
> feel more comfortable about getting to know us better.

I agree. Maybe renaming the navigation bar link from "Profiles" to "People"
would help making it more obvious that this is where you can find
information about the people involved. The first time I saw that link, I
was not exactly sure what to expect behind it.


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