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Re: Revamping the profiles page?

Erinn Clark wrote:
Hello lovely people,

Something we didn't anticipate when beginning this project was that there
would be a lot of great men making great contributions. Likewise, we were
focused on getting women involved in Debian itself without much idea of
how that would map to DW tasks (website upkeep, mentoring, keeping track of
stuff in general, writing documents, etc).

Very true. One of the things that I really like about Debian Women is the mixture of people we have involved in things to do with the project.

The original reason for the Profiles page was for visibility reasons; I
think visibility is still important, but maybe in a different way. It could
be reworked to be more inclusive of people actually contributing to DW
(male and female), it could stay in its current form and we can have a
separate contributors page, or something like that (though there would be
overlap, so that probably doesn't scale well). I'm not really sure what
should be done, if anything. Does anyone have any thoughts?

I think that we could change the profiles page in a way that would serve the original purpose and also give people a better idea of the people who are working within the Debian Women project.

What if we retitled that page "Profiles of Debian Women people" or similar, and put up profiles of more people who are actively involved in Debian Women, and also listed what areas they are involved in within the project?

That way, when someone becomes involved in the project in some way - by joining the IRC channel or speaking up on the mailing list or contributing to the website or whatever, they might know something more about the people they are meeting. I think that might make newcomers feel more comfortable about getting to know us better.

What does anyone else think about this?


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