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Re: Article on women and mathematics

On 2005-03-06, Miriam Ruiz penned:
> The article is quite interesting, but this quote, afaik, is nonsense:
> Other studies establish a clear link between hormones and mathematical
> abilities, says David C. Geary, a professor of psychology at the University
> of Missouri at Columbia and author of Male, Female: The Evolution of Human
> Sex Differences (American Psychological Association, 1998). "In
> transsexuals, when you suppress male hormones, their spatial abilities go
> down," he says. "When you give male hormones to women, their spatial
> abilities go up."
> Miry

My husband recently mentioned having heard this, also.  It sounds really odd
to me.  I kind of want to know, and kind of don't.  I mean, either way, it's
not going to change my abilities.  Except, wait, I'm taking hormones.  So
maybe it does?


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