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Re: Article on women and mathematics

--- "Hanna M. Wallach" <hmw26@cam.ac.uk> wrote:
> Just read this article --
> http://chronicle.com/free/v51/i26/26a00102.htm
> (found out about it via
> another women in computing mailing list) -- thought
> it might be of
> interest here too.

The article is quite interesting, but this quote,
afaik, is nonsense:

Other studies establish a clear link between hormones
and mathematical abilities, says David C. Geary, a
professor of psychology at the University of Missouri
at Columbia and author of Male, Female: The Evolution
of Human Sex Differences (American Psychological
Association, 1998). "In transsexuals, when you
suppress male hormones, their spatial abilities go
down," he says. "When you give male hormones to women,
their spatial abilities go up."


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