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Re: [Issues] How do women become involved with free and open source software?

Hi, Bruce, and everyone else,

Here are my answers, which I expect are highly
> The survey had just slightly over 1% of its
> responses from women

There was a time not all that long ago (1998 or so)
that 1% represented the percentage of women in FOSS. 
So... I am not at all surprised.
> Personal
> - do you have a university degree?


> - are you currently in a permanent relation?

No, but... Why would anyone need to know this?

> - do you have children?


> - are you employed? If so, in what area? (include
> "student" as an employment category)

Yes, systems administration and security

> - are you self-employed?

> Involvement with FOSS
> - how old were you when you first became involved
> with FOSS?


> - which of these attract you to FOSS: the chance to
> exchange knowledge and develop new skills, to teach 
> or instruct, to live and work according 
> to ideals, to get to know like-minded people, or
> something else?

None of the above.  I got interested when my employer
and my career dictated I had to get interested.  I had
no clue about it before that.

> - how many hours per week do you spend on
> FOSS-related activites?

That's a tough one to answer.  If I am administering a
Linux system or doing security work which involves
Linux systems does that count?  Does only coding
(which I do in small measure) count?  

> - are you inolved as a leader or coordinator of any
> project?

Not at the moment.


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