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Re: How do women become involved with free and open source software?

Christian Perrier <bubulle@debian.org> wrote:

>If this means what I think it means (but, not being a native speaker,
>I may be wrong...even if I'm sure I'm not), ie a couple-style relation
>with someone else, I think the question is not really appropriate in
>the context. After all, who would imagine asking that very same
>question to a man??

I understand your concern, and in many contexts, you would be right - but not in this one.

To start with, the survey on which I based my post did ask that question to both men and women, so no question of sexism exists.

For another, the published results of the survey noted that the answers it received specifically refuted the stereotype of FOSS men as loners, since roughly two-thirds were married or in a common-law relation. So, in the context of the people who might answer the survey, it's a question asked for a particular reason, and not because that is a question that is automatically asked of women.

However, if anyone rejects this argument, they have no obligation to answer the survey, or to answer that particular question.

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