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Re: DPL and DW meeting conflict

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Erinn Clark wrote:
:: Seriously, don't worry about this.
:: Fellow DW people, what say ye? Our options, as I see
:: them, are:

:: a) Reschedule our meeting.
:: b) Go ahead with the meeting as planned.
:: The benefits to (a) are:
::  - No one will be too busy thinking about the DPL debate
::  - We have more time to think of a topic (which we still
:: don't have)

:: The benefits to (b) are:
::  - People will be on IRC already so (hopefully) they can
:: be shuffled over to the DPL debate. This is sort of
:: directed at people who don't tend be be on IRC all the
:: time or are somewhat new to Debian and maybe weren't
:: considering showing up for that.
::  - We get it over with. :-P

:: IMO, option (a) is the better choice, but let's try to
:: get some consensus then figure it out.

	I vote for (a), but AFAIK, we only need this if the
date/time for DPL Debate remains. What about something like:

IF DPL Debate happens on March 19th D-W Meeting changes.
ELSE we keep D-W Meeting date.

	:) My 0.02.

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