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DPL and DW meeting conflict (was: Re: DPL debate 2005 [...])

* martin f krafft <madduck@debian.org> [2005:03:04 18:57 +0100]: 
> also sprach David Moreno Garza <damog@damog.net> [2005.03.04.1646 +0100]:
> > Won't there be any problems with debian-women IRC meeting right?
> > I mean, their meeting is also on March 19th, two hours before (21
> > UTC), but still...
> If it is, then I am sorry; I did not know about this as I have not
> been able to follow the recent (fast-paced) development of the
> Debian women.

It's ok, Helen has, so we can lynch her instead. Booo, Helen! Just kidding,
Helen rocks... :)

> In any case, it was hard enough to find a time where all candidates
> are available, and therefore we cannot reschedule. If others see
> a potential conflict as well, maybe the Debian women meeting could
> be rescheduled? This is a one-time thing only anyway...

Seriously, don't worry about this.

Fellow DW people, what say ye? Our options, as I see them, are:

a) Reschedule our meeting.

b) Go ahead with the meeting as planned.

The benefits to (a) are:
 - No one will be too busy thinking about the DPL debate
 - We have more time to think of a topic (which we still don't have)

The benefits to (b) are:
 - People will be on IRC already so (hopefully) they can be shuffled over
   to the DPL debate. This is sort of directed at people who don't tend be
   be on IRC all the time or are somewhat new to Debian and maybe weren't
   considering showing up for that.
 - We get it over with. :-P

IMO, option (a) is the better choice, but let's try to get some consensus
then figure it out.
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