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Re: Article on women and mathematics

Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> After reading a bit more about that topic on the internet, I must
> admit that I might be wrong, and maybe sexual hormones do in fact
> affect intelectual habilities. I'm not totally convinced of that yet,
> but as there's such amount of people supporting that opinion there
> might be something.

I am sorry to strongly disagree here... I am not grounding my opinion on
any scientific evidence at all, but I usually perceive that studies that
come up with that kind of physical "differences" (hormone levels, for
example) and other theories (as supposed "differences" in learning
proccesses, thought schemes, and brain chemistry) as a lame excuse to
justify what I see as a result of plain discrimination and very real
differences in the way people are raised based on gender, sex roles and

I admit there are physical and chemical differences between the sexes,
but I am very skeptical as to whether those determine the actual
abilities and performance of individuals or actually explain or justify
the "differences" between the sexes, genders, call it what you want.

Just my ranty 0.25 EUR :)

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