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Re: Article on women and mathematics

--- Amaya <amaya@debian.org> wrote:
> I am sorry to strongly disagree here... I am not
> grounding my opinion on
> any scientific evidence at all, but I usually
> perceive that studies that
> come up with that kind of physical "differences"
> (hormone levels, for
> example) and other theories (as supposed
> "differences" in learning
> proccesses, thought schemes, and brain chemistry) as
> a lame excuse to
> justify what I see as a result of plain
> discrimination and very real
> differences in the way people are raised based on
> gender, sex roles and
> expectations. 
> I admit there are physical and chemical differences
> between the sexes,
> but I am very skeptical as to whether those
> determine the actual
> abilities and performance of individuals or actually
> explain or justify
> the "differences" between the sexes, genders, call
> it what you want.
> Just my ranty 0.25 EUR :)

Of course I do agree with you. To question whether or
not there are some differences is more a mental
exercise than anything that has a real importance in
life. As the original webpage said:

"There may be some innate differences, but we're so
far from hitting that barrier that it's silly to talk
about it," says Jacquelynne S. Eccles, a professor of
psychology at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
who has followed several groups of students over two
decades, tracking how they chose high-school courses,
college majors, and then careers.

In fact, someone told me once that the diversity among
women and among men is considerably bigger than those
between the mathematical mean between those groups.
Even more, it is still to be proven that those
biological differences exists, while what is already
clearly proven is that cultural, social an educational
differences do have a great influence.

Having said that, i was talking just about the
influence of sexual hormones in an already formed


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