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Re: Article on women and mathematics

> I mean that i don't agree at all with what is said
> about the effect of hormones over an already-formed
> brain (i'm not talking about growth and development,
> obviously hormones do affect the development of the
> brain in the fetus).
> It doesnt give more data about that study, like the
> number of people studied or the conditions, but i do
> suspect they're probably not statistically relevant.
> If you change the level of strogens or testosterone
> in
> your organism, your spacial abilities do not change.
> That doesn't mean at all that i believe there are no
> statistical differences between male and female
> minds.
> Obviously there are, but the differences are in mind
> configuration, not in hormone levels.
> Miry

After reading a bit more about that topic on the
internet, I must admit that I might be wrong, and
maybe sexual hormones do in fact affect intelectual
habilities. I'm not totally convinced of that yet, but
as there's such amount of people supporting that
opinion there might be something.


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