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Packaging tutorial

In an effort to get more people involved in working for Debian, Gürkan
Sengün (tarzeau on IRC) has offered to give a tutorial on making
Debian packages, on the #debian-women channel.  And I'll be doing the
coordination of the meeting.

The tutorial is to be given on January 30th, at 21:00 UTC.

So, if you are interested in learning how to package, or you'd like to
improve your packaging skills, you'll probably want to be there.

Information related to this tutorial can be found at:

Those of you who know that will be there, please send me an email, so
that I can gather the list of potential attendees.  Also, if you are
interested in packaging a certain piece of software, do tell me about
it, so that Gürkan can take a look at it some days before the


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