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Re: MySQL 4.1.8a

Le jeu 2005-01-20 a 09:38:16 -0500, Mechtilde Stehmann <webmaster@rechtsanwalt-stehmann.de> a dit:
> Steve Langasek wrote:
> >On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 12:12:35PM +0100, Mechtilde Stehmann wrote:
> >
> >>Hi everyone,
> >>It' s enough to despair:
> >>After the update of my MySQl 4.1.7 to mysql 4.1.8a (Debian-Sarge)the 
> >>mysql server doesn't start anymore.
> >
> >
> >I would humbly offer that this mailing list is not a substitute for filing
> >bug reports when a package is broken.  A server failing to start after an
> >upgrade is typically a release critical bug, and should be reported to the
> >maintainer ASAP; moreover, the maintainer is much better positioned to 
> >debug
> >such a problem, in general, than a low-subscription general-audience 
> >mailing
> >list such as this.
> >
> Sorry Steve, but in case of problems we first search the mistakes in our 
> doing. We never thought, there could be a broken package, because debian 
>  is extremly sure and stable, because that project has excellent 
> maintainers.

that's for sure, but they're people too ;). so they /can/ make
mistakes. they cannot plan for every possible outcome or environment,
therefore they make a "best guess/guesstimate" of what *could* happen.

this doesn't mean that nothing will go wrong, it just means that most
things within of possibility have been taken into account. and sooner
or later, even improbable things will happen, its just a matter of when 
(heat death of the universe doesn't count ;P)

correct me if i'm wrong, but it /was/ mentioned in the BTS (of which
the page helen pointed to has info on how to look stuff up i believe).

and i totally agree with you, check your own stuff first, it could be
user error. you do better on that count than i do ;).


> Mechtilde
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