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Mentors program -- how many languages?

Hi Everyone,

Someone mentioned on IRC (very sorry, but I have forgotten whose idea this was), that it would be a good idea to remind people that quite a few of our wonderful mentors can speak other languages as well as English.

As you know, most of the communication within Debian is carried out in English. However, there may be people subscribed to this list who want to contribute more to Debian, and are interested in our mentoring program, but who are worried about their English skills. If that is the case, maybe we can match you with a mentor who speaks your language and who can help you improve your communication with Debian in English.

Can the mentors who are already listed (and any new people who are interested in mentoring), please email me (or tell me on IRC), and let me know what languages they speak, and whether it is OK for me to list them on the webpage [1]. Of course I won't list anything unless someone tells me that this is OK.

That means that from now on we can try to match some potential mentees with their potential mentors according to languages spoken, as well as other interests. I think that the kind of work a mentee wants to do is still the most important basis for making a match. It is also important to understand that Debian does mostly operate in English, and that some fluency is therefore essential (sorry - I don't like it, but it's true). But hopefully we can help people out a bit in this way.



1. http://women.alioth.debian.org/mentoring/

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