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Re: Suggestions on wiki content

Hi all:

El Viernes, 14 de Enero de 2005 12:40, Luk Claes escribió:
> I suggest to make the 'Suggestions' not password protected ;-)

I know it is without pass-protection, but i wanted to give people the chance 
to at least give their suggerences. I can keep watch a page to remove spam, 
but i cannot keep watch the whole wiki.

> I suggest someone explains in a seperate section how to translate the
> wiki: where to become a login/passwd, a prefered sequence, with whom to
> coordinate if necessary and last but not least: what has to be done to
> have a translated version of one page.

It is a great idea, and Jutta asked me for it some days ago, but i'm currently 
overloaded of work and i have no time to do it. 
If someone can make a little guide about how we could organize it, i would be 
greatly welcome.


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