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Re: RC Bugsquashing seminar results

* Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> [2005:01:11 06:29 -0800]: 
> I'm happy to say that Debian-Women's participation in this weekend's Bug
> Squashing Party was a smashing success.  The IRC seminar on Sunday had about
> 8-10 people -- mostly women -- in active attendance, and an unknown number
> of lurkers as well; and there was a healthy amount of interest shown and
> questions asked both during and after.  A preliminary log (edited minimally
> to respect the channel's public logging rules, until I can get permission
> from the remaining participants) can be found at
> <http://people.debian.org/~vorlon/rc-bugsquashing-seminar-20050109.txt>.

Thanks so much for doing this, Steve. We all really appreciate it.

> I hope that you will all be willing to help out with RC bugs like this in
> the future.  This sort of thing is very much to the credit of the group, and
> sets a wonderful example for others that things with "release-critical" in
> the name needn't be daunting. :)  If a tenth of Debian's developers showed
> as much enthusiasm for BSPs as Debian-Women showed this weekend, we would
> surely be down to 0 RC bugs in no time...

Woo, go us. :)

Actually, this was pretty fun and probably would've been more fun if I'd
woken up earlier. My first BSP and all -- I look forward to doing it again,
though I guess I can do it on a small scale. :)

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