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Re: RC Bugsquashing seminar results

Steve Langasek wrote:
Hi all,

I'm happy to say that Debian-Women's participation in this weekend's Bug
Squashing Party was a smashing success.  The IRC seminar on Sunday had about
8-10 people -- mostly women -- in active attendance, and an unknown number
of lurkers as well; and there was a healthy amount of interest shown and
questions asked both during and after.  A preliminary log (edited minimally
to respect the channel's public logging rules, until I can get permission
from the remaining participants) can be found at

And a massive thankyou to Steve for thinking of this, putting in the effort to arrange it and prepare for it, sending good bugs our way and helping us to solve the things we were stuck on! I hope you enjoyed it too...

Roll on the next bugsquashing... :)


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