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Re: RC Bugsquashing howto [Re: Anyone up for bug squashing?]

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Steve Langasek wrote:
| On Tue, Jan 04, 2005 at 08:07:24AM +0000, Helen Faulkner wrote:
|>>In relation to this, I've been asked to mention an idea that I've been
|>>kicking around for a few weeks, which has gotten a generally positive
|>>on IRC.  Since debian-women is all about helping women get involved
in the
|>>Debian project, and squashing RC bugs is an important area where the
|>>definitely needs more people to get involved (and one that's close to my
|>>heart as a release manager), I'd like to propose an "RC bugsquashing
|>>tutorial" to coincide with the BSP this weekend.
|>It's a great idea!
|>What would you say the minimum appropriate level of technical skill is
|>someone to be able to get involved in this in some way or other (noting
|>that I had no idea how to fix the last RC bug I looked at)?
| Participants should know how to download, unpack, build, examine the
| contents of, install, and run arbitrary packages from the Debian archive
| (any branch) before trying to tackle RC bugsquashing.  A basic familiarity
| with the syntax of makefiles is also recommended, since both debian/rules
| and upstream build scripts are likely to be written in this language.

You can find more information about downloading, unpacking, building and
installing arbitrary packages in the APT HOWTO [0] [1], the online help
of synaptic [2], the aptitude documentation [3] or the Debian Reference
[4] [5].

For examining the contents of and running arbitrary packages you need
some experience I guess. Please give pointers to more information if you

More information about the syntax of makefiles can be found in the GNU
Make Manual [6]



[0] /usr/share/doc/Debian/apt-howto from package apt-howto-en (or other
languages: ca, de, el, es, fr, it, ja, ko, pl, pt-br, ru, tr)
[1] http://www.nl.debian.org/doc/user-manuals#apt-howto
[2] help menu in synaptic from package synaptic
[3] /usr/share/doc/aptitude/html/index.html from package aptitude-doc-en
~ or aptitude-doc-cs
[4] /usr/share/doc/Debian/reference/index.html from package
debian-reference-en (or other languages: de, es, fr, it, ja, pl, pt-br,
zh-cn, zh-tw)
[5] http://www.nl.debian.org/doc/user-manuals#quick-reference
[6] http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual
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