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Re: RC Bugsquashing howto [Re: Anyone up for bug squashing?]

In relation to this, I've been asked to mention an idea that I've been
kicking around for a few weeks, which has gotten a generally positive reaction
on IRC.  Since debian-women is all about helping women get involved in the
Debian project, and squashing RC bugs is an important area where the project
definitely needs more people to get involved (and one that's close to my
heart as a release manager), I'd like to propose an "RC bugsquashing
tutorial" to coincide with the BSP this weekend.

It's a great idea!

What would you say the minimum appropriate level of technical skill is for someone to be able to get involved in this in some way or other (noting that I had no idea how to fix the last RC bug I looked at)?

If the experiment isn't a total failure, then the next step would be to
write it up on a website somewhere.

I don't expect total failure, and I'm sure we can learn from our experiences for the next time...

I'll try to pick a time for this that works for everyone interested in
attending, so if you'd like to participate please email me ASAP with times
this weekend when you would be available.

I'm up for it and I'm potentially avavilable anytime Sat-Sun that isn't between about 0100 and 0900 UTC.


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