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Re: list of articles about us...

Erinn Clark wrote:
* Helen Faulkner <helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk> [2004:12:26 12:52 +0000]:
I have made a wiki page for listing article or interviews or essays about the Debian Women project. I've listed the two I know about offhand, but I am pretty sure there is other stuff up there. It would be particularly good to have links to things in languages other than English.

I think I'd really prefer for this to not be hidden away in the wiki. It
should be added to a section of the main website (eg, "Press") so that
people will see it on the front page. The wiki is not a substitute for good
static pages and anyone who needs to be able to edit such a page has alioth

I agree with this.

There are other things that need updating on the website too, like the ToDo list, etc.

I'm happy to have a go at this sometime the next couple of days...

I would suggest that the wiki page stands for the time being, as a quick way for people to add things they notice in the press. No harm in saying some things twice, imho.


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