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Re: New debian-women css test

Jutta Wrage wrote:
> Hi!
> Can you pleas have a look at the new debian-women css at
> http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian-women/
> Please test different browsers on it and try to resize windows and font.
> The main column is only that small width for testing purposes. So please
> do not report that as bug. ;-)
> The changed css allows larger fonts as the fix width of menu column is
> removed and it is more flexible now. In addition I moved the logo to
> center of the column. I do not know, if you like that more than having
> it fixed at the left border.
> greetings
> Jutta
When I make the text as small as I can read (50%) it in firefox 1.0 sarge
(screen: 1600x1200, 19") the main column overlaps with the logo.

The side bar is too close to the main part in dillo (probably due to dillo's
broken css support)

It looks good in chimera, konqueror, kazehakase, lynx, and mozilla.

Version: 3.1
GAT/CM$/CS>$/CC/IT$/M/S/O/U dpu s+:++ !a C++$>C+++$
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David Mandelberg

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