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Re: New debian-women css test

Am Sonntag, 26.12.04 um 15:10 Uhr schrieb David Mandelberg:

When I make the text as small as I can read (50%) it in firefox 1.0 sarge
(screen: 1600x1200, 19") the main column overlaps with the logo.

Here we have to compromize: Either having accessibility for those who must have large fonts or we support those using unreadable small fonts. As the first ones cannot decrease the font size but the last ones can increase, I suppose, we prefer accessibility.

The side bar is too close to the main part in dillo (probably due to dillo's
broken css support

Hmm. Dillo seems not to be ready yet. So we cannot care much about that.

It looks good in chimera, konqueror, kazehakase, lynx, and mozilla.

I put a new version online now at the given URL http://www.witch.westfalen.de/debian-women/ . If that works, we should move to the new css.

I'll put it online at d-w website, if there are no complaints until wednesday.




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