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Re: Sexist Behaviour in Debian Women


Some random thoughts on what happened:

1) Even though people in the IRC channel are really
nice, there seem to be some points in which a peaceful
conversation between men and women is extremelly
difficult. I'm not stating this just because of what
happened yesterday, but because every time I've seen
myself inside a similar conversation, in IRC or in
person, it finished the same way. It might be a pity,
but men and women cannot talk openly about everything.

2) It would be better to avoid discussing about those
topics right now. It can be of no good to the group
and all we can get from them is getting angry and
divide ourselves.

3) It doesn't help either that most of us share
different cultural backgrounds and different mother
tongues. That means we all have to make an extra
effort to understand other people's point of view and
to show some empathy.

4) Having said that, I don't see such a discussion as
a sympthom of anyting bad. In the evolution of any
group, there are always certain steps. This is quite
representative that we're starting to leave the phase
in which we are just beginning to know each other,
being quiet and listening while observing the others,
watching around to see if we fit in, to start a new
phase in which people seem to be comfortable enough to
say what they think, and that's not bad by itself.

5) Nothing that was said yesterday represents the
official position of Debian-Women as far as I know.
All that was said was personal opinion of whoever said
it. Everybody has an opinion, I have mine too, and
probably doesn't exactly match the others'. It
shouldn't affect the group whether we have different
opinions on some off-topic social matters.

6) I hope that person thinks twice and comes back. If
he/she was truly interested in the group, he/she would
not let that one discussion erases everything.


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