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Re: Reminder: Meeting 18th December, 13:00 UTC

Gustavo Noronha Silva wrote:

We will always going to have timezones problems for some. Being global
brings problems too. Maybe collecting timezones of people in the list
would make planning to try to avoid this a bit more possible, but the
problem will not vanish.

For anyone who is interested, to my knowledge we have people involved from the following regions:

Europe: (UK, Spain, France, Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Austria,

Australasia:  Australia (both coasts), New Zealand.

Americas: USA (all over, maybe not Alaska, yet...), Colombia, Brazil, Canada, Peru.

Asia:  Japan, Philipines.

And of course there are many more people whose locations I don't know.

I am impressed by how varied we are :)


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