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Reminder: Meeting 18th December, 13:00 UTC

Hi Everyone,

A reminder that we are having our second IRC meeting on Saturday 18th
December at 13:00 UTC.  The meeting will be held in #debian-women on the
irc.freenode.net network.

A number of the responses to the recent survey mentioned the need for
supportive mentoring to help people become familiar with Debian and to gain
confidence in interacting with the wider Debian community.  At this meeting,
we are planning to discuss ways in which Debian Women could provide better
mentoring for people who are interested in increasing their use of, or
participation in Debian.

Some things to consider might be the following:

- what kind of mentoring do you think Debian Women could usefully and
practically provide?

- is the project successfully providing mentoring of the kind you would like
to recieve or to give?

- in what ways could we meet the needs of people for mentoring that is not
currently being provided by the Debian Women project?

- how could it be organised (formally/informally/whatever)?

- in what ways are you able to help with mentoring efforts?

As well as a discussion on and around these topics, we would love to see
people drop in to say hello and introduce themselves in the hour or so
before the meeting.  And if the last meeting is anything to go by, sociable
discussions may continue for some hours afterwards, for those who are

Hope to see you there :)


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