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Re: Proposal: Course on making debian packages

Matthew Palmer wrote:
On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 02:54:21AM +0100, Miriam Ruiz wrote:

The idea is to make a course on packaging programs,
initially with debhelper. Every person interested
could choose some program they like and then we could
be building our packages symultaneously, explaining it
step by step, and asking whatever questions are needed
in the list, so everybody can learn from them.

I had an idea for "mini-courses" a while ago, and am most of the way through
a BTS one.  The general idea is much like yours -- structured coursework
with all the usual sorts of bits and pieces like review questions, etc etc. I wasn't thinking so much to run a 'class' on it, with everyone going through together, but rather to do aim it more as "self-study" materials. But there's no reason why a bunch of people couldn't do their self-study all
at the same time, of course...

This is all an excellent idea. What about the idea of starting something in a structured way (say by posting new material every week or so) but then leaving the material up for anyone to go over afterwards.

That would mean the first bunch of people would pretty much go through it together, but later people would be able to do it whenever they liked.

?Is this the right list to do so? ?Would anyone be

Personally, I think that discussing this in d-mentors would be more
on-topic, but if people think that d-mentors is too unfriendly, I'm OK with
doing stuff here for a while.

I think doing it on d-mentors is a good idea :) I think it would be great to bring some of the things we are learning in d-women to another part of Debian. And d-mentors is definitely the more on-topic list for this kind of thing.

In the time I've been subscribed to -mentors I haven't noticed anyone being unfriendly to anyone else. A wide range of questions about packaging and how to become a DD seem to get asked and answered.

In any case, I would suggest that before such a "How to package" or "Dealing with the BTS" course was started, someone such as Matthew posts a reminder to people that -mentors is a place for learning and that as such it is good to ask questions. It might be also goos to remind people that rude or unfriendly responses are inappropriate in such a forum.

Given these circumstances, if anyone on -women wants to post a question to -mentors but is nervous about doing so, they are welcome to email me with the question and I'll post it for them without revealing their name.

Does anyone have an idea about a timescale for doing such a "mini course"? What about announcing something soon and starting it in the new year?

Helen  :)

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