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Re: Proposal: Course on making debian packages

On Thu, Dec 02, 2004 at 02:54:21AM +0100, Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> The idea is to make a course on packaging programs,
> initially with debhelper. Every person interested
> could choose some program they like and then we could
> be building our packages symultaneously, explaining it
> step by step, and asking whatever questions are needed
> in the list, so everybody can learn from them.

I had an idea for "mini-courses" a while ago, and am most of the way through
a BTS one.  The general idea is much like yours -- structured coursework
with all the usual sorts of bits and pieces like review questions, etc etc. 
I wasn't thinking so much to run a 'class' on it, with everyone going
through together, but rather to do aim it more as "self-study" materials. 
But there's no reason why a bunch of people couldn't do their self-study all
at the same time, of course...

> ?Is this the right list to do so? ?Would anyone be
> interested?

Personally, I think that discussing this in d-mentors would be more
on-topic, but if people think that d-mentors is too unfriendly, I'm OK with
doing stuff here for a while.

- Matt

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