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Re: Meetings?

Am Donnerstag, 28.10.04 um 18:41 Uhr schrieb Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw):

	We can set a bot to collect the IRC log and put
it on DW site or send to the list (or both of them). And
the discussion can goes on the list.

I do not think that is a good idea. But there will be another solution

Two reasons why not put the log into the public:

- There will be women, wo will not come to the channel, if everything can be read in the web afterwords. - It is not easy to follow the discussions in IRC. And it will not be much easier, if reading the logs.

Other suggestion:

Summaries of the meetings could be but into the wiki, which is nearly ready. The same summaries can go to the list for discussion.

Why both of these things? If a new women comes to join d-w, she has to read lots of mails in the list archive to get through what is going on. That takes a lot of time and is something, keeping people away.

I do not think most of those joining have less problems than I had, when joining. Maybe, they do not care much about that and just go ahead of stay. But we all should consider, that the same reasons keeping women away from Debian project (less than 1 % are women), can do the same thing for d-w: eg. missing transparency.

From me a pro to those discussions in IRC, but we need summaries on the web pages.

BTW: The list is rather slow. :-(( Two days sometimes for a message to get through is quite long. And sometimes the messages come in wrong order with delay of more than one day.




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