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Fwd: Researcher interested in interviewing women in open source

Hi everyone,

Just forwarding this message.. interested people, you know what to do


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Hello, I am a professor of organizational behavior in a business school in
France and currently researching issues related to women in the open source
communities.  My approach to understanding this issue is ethnographic, which
means I want to understand how women themselves see their role in these
communities.  I would like to know what motivates women to participate in
these communities, the satisfactions they draw from their participation, the
challenges they encounter and their ways of coping with these challenges.
I'm also curious to know how women interpret the scarcity of their numbers
in these communities.

To accomplish the study I will need to interview the women who have
participated in some capacity (writing code, or documentation, etc.) in
free/open source communities.  Please contact me via email so that I can
schedule an interview with you over the phone; the interview will last
between 30 minutes and 1 hour.

Most importantly, I will protect the anonymity of the results and will not
make public any name without the person's explicit permission.  If enough
interest is raised, I would be happy to post the aggregate results on your

Looking forward to learning from you,

Anca Metiu
Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior
Boulevard de Constance
Fontainebleau Cedex 77305
Tel. 011.33.(0)

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