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Meeting: November 20th

Hi everyone,

We've decided that our first meeting will be November 20th at 2100 UTC. Our
first topic will be fairly informal and will mostly be an introduction
session. Who you are, what you do with Debian (or want to do), and defining
goals for the project. I'd say the "official" part of the meeting should
take approximately 1-1.5 hour(s) with the unofficial part following for
however long people wish to stay and chat.

Usual #debian-women IRC rules apply: be civilized adults, as I know you all
will be. There will be a moderator (me, this time, though it will rotate
each meeting along with the time zone), and I will try to keep things on
topic. I don't want to structure it too much the first time -- we'll see
how things go and if there are problems, correct them next time.

There will be NO public logging. Helen (Faulkner) will take minutes of the
meeting and post them to our wiki, which is almost ready for its debut. 

Any comments, suggestions, objections, or questions can be directed to me
personally, Helen, or the mailing list. I do hope to see you all there. :)

off the chain like a rebellious guanine nucleotide

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