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Re: Support for submitting bug reports

Erinn Clark wrote:
* Helen Faulkner <helen_ml_faulkner@yahoo.co.uk> [2004:10:12 13:46 +0100]:
I would never want to give people the impression that "all those scary debian people will be laughing at your attempts to write a bug report". I

It depends which scary Debian people you mean. Some of the responses I've
seen to bug reports (which were often poorly written, but not always) have
been bad enough that I won't report bugs on some packages because of who's
in charge of them.

I should clarify here that the "scary debian people" were (are?) largely in my own mind. They are really not that bad once you start interacting with them. Which doesn't necessarily make that an easy thing to do, for reasons that have been much discussed at other times.

I assume you mean *we* are the potentially scary Debian people though. In
which case, you're right, no one should be scared of us.

Yes, we (well, some of us) are potentially scary people too. And yes, nobody should be scared of us :)


PS. I also should have said that if anyone on this mailing list finds a bug in a debian package and needs help with writing and submitting a bug report for it, they are welcome and encouraged to ask for help on irc (#debian-women) or to email me directly.

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